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Stories by Christof Koch

What Comes Next: Experts Predict the Future

The flip side to every ending is a new beginning. We asked the visionary scientists on our advisory board what new trends will shape the decades to come

August 26, 2010 — Danny Hillis, Arthur Caplan, Edward Felten, Christof Koch, Michael Webber, Daniel Kammen, R. James Woolsey, Leslie Aiello, George Church and John Reganold

Playing the Body Electric

A combination of genetics and optics gives brain scientists an unprecedented ability to dissect the circuits of the mind

March 5, 2010 — Christof Koch

Betting on Consciousness

Gambling may offer a way to test conscious awareness without disturbing it

May 30, 2007 — Kerstin Preuschoff and Christof Koch

The Movie in Your Head

Is consciousness a seamless experience or a string of fleeting images, like frames of a movie? The emerging answer will determine whether the way we perceive the world is illusory

September 21, 2005 — Christof Koch

The Problem of Consciousness

It is Now Being Explored Through the Visual System--Requiring a Close Collaboration Among Psychologists, Neuroscientists and Theorists

April 1, 2002 — Christof Koch and Francis Crick

The Problem of Consciousness

It can now be approached by scientific investigation of the visual system. The solution will require a close collaboration among psychologists, neuroscientists and theorists

September 1, 1992 — Christof Koch and Francis Crick

Synapses that Compute Motion

How do nerve cells process the information they receive from the environment? Studies of cells in the eye that interpret movement may define a mechanism involved in many other neural operations...

May 1, 1987 — Christof Koch and Tomaso Poggio
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