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Stories by Christof Koch

A Test for Consciousness

How will we know when we've built a sentient computer? By making it solve a simple puzzle

June 13, 2011 — Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi

What Comes Next: Experts Predict the Future

The flip side to every ending is a new beginning. We asked the visionary scientists on our advisory board what new trends will shape the decades to come

August 26, 2010 — Danny Hillis, Arthur Caplan, Edward Felten, Christof Koch, Michael Webber, Daniel Kammen, R. James Woolsey, Leslie Aiello, George Church and John Reganold

Playing the Body Electric

A combination of genetics and optics gives brain scientists an unprecedented ability to dissect the circuits of the mind

March 5, 2010 — Christof Koch

Betting on Consciousness

Gambling may offer a way to test conscious awareness without disturbing it

May 30, 2007 — Kerstin Preuschoff and Christof Koch

The Movie in Your Head

Is consciousness a seamless experience or a string of fleeting images, like frames of a movie? The emerging answer will determine whether the way we perceive the world is illusory

September 21, 2005 — Christof Koch
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