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Stories by Christopher Mims

Sperm sale

With the recession grinding into its 17th official month, a lot of things are on sale right now – including male sex cells. In a move unprecedented in its history, Xytex, one of the oldest sperm and tissue banks in the U.S., is offering a steep discount on sperm: up to $200 off, for a net price of between $250 and $350 per vial...

April 10, 2009 — Christopher Mims

Stingless Bees Mummify Enemies

Lacking a stinger is no barrier to kicking butt in the evolutionary cage match between Australian bees and hive-invading parasites

March 31, 2009 — Christopher Mims
The Monitor, ep. 14--Summer Awesomeness

The Monitor, ep. 14--Summer Awesomeness

Like a summer blockbuster, this episode is full of thrills--magnets that turn off a reporter's ability to speak; indestructible unmanned aerial vehicles; and more...

June 19, 2008 — Christie Nicholson, John Pavlus and Christopher Mims
The Monitor, ep. 13--Colossal Squid, Narwhals and Improvisational Robotics

The Monitor, ep. 13--Colossal Squid, Narwhals and Improvisational Robotics

Scientists dissect the world's largest invertebrate; narwhals unseat polar bears as the most endangered mammal in the Arctic; introduced lizards underwent superfast evolution; and a new way to program robots that encourages them to improvise solutions to real-world problems...

May 6, 2008 — John Pavlus, Christie Nicholson and Christopher Mims

The Monitor ep. 12--Autism and Video Games

Are video games linked to autism? Are we the only intelligent life in the galaxy? Is PETA's X Prize for artificial meat going to work?

April 30, 2008 — John Pavlus, Christie Nicholson and Christopher Mims

Ethanol worse than gasoline -- Oil companies now officially "green"?

We already knew that corn ethanol is, at best, only a little better, emissions-wise, than plain old gasoline. Now a study in Science indicates that biofuels are even worse, in terms of the net CO2 they're going to pump into the atmosphere, than the gasoline we're already putting into our cars...

February 8, 2008 — Christopher Mims

James Watson's African Ancestry and more - The Week That Was

Things are really starting to heat up over at Sciam's freewheeling new news firehose, 60 Second Science. Here's what you're missing: James Watson might be 16% black; gods of irony shout,"BUUURN!" Voyager 2 leaves solar system, looking forward to 'new projects with Diddy' Atlantis shuttle crew fends off giant arachnid OMG-we-wish-we-were-kidding-dept: Airborne pig brain matter may cause neurological disorder in pork industry workers How Saturn's 'UFO' Moons formed [video] 10,000 Years of Human Civilization Explained by One Study The Fab Four’s hit singles funded development of CT scanner!...

December 11, 2007 — Christopher Mims
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