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Stories by Christopher Wanjek

Your Liver May Be "Eating" Your Brain

New research shows the liver and hippocampus (the memory center in the brain) share a craving for the same protein, and the liver wins out when there's extra belly fat involved

October 16, 2013 — Christopher Wanjek and LiveScience

Doctors Detect Obesity Bug on Breath

Certain gas-emitting microbes in our intestinal tract might determine our propensity for packing on pounds, leading to the presence of methane or hydrogen on one's breath

March 26, 2013 — Christopher Wanjek and LiveScience

Deadly Alcohol Needs Global Regulation, Health Expert Says

Existing WHO recommendations on ads, pricing and driving laws could serve as the framework for a new international convention on alcohol regulation, yet even the U.S. would struggle to meet some of them...

February 15, 2012 — Christopher Wanjek and LiveScience

D'oh! Top Science Journal Retractions of 2011

Each year hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles are retracted. Most involve no blatant malfeasance; the authors themselves often detect errors and retract the paper. Some retractions, however, entail plagiarism, false authorship or cooked data...

December 27, 2011 — Christopher Wanjek and LiveScience

U.S. Bests Canada in Lowering Child Flu Rates

A change in the U.S. flu shot policy for preschoolers has led to a 34 percent decline in flu cases for children ages two to four compared with their Canadian counterparts

September 20, 2011 — Christopher Wanjek and LiveScience
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