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Stories by Corey S. Powell

Science in Court

Reflections on science truth in an asbestos trial

October 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

Rivers of Fire

The SOHO spacecraft finds intricateplasma flows coursing through the sun

September 15, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

Crash and Burn

Radio eyes witness the mass births and deaths of stars

September 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

Life Goes for a Spin

A topsy-turvy earth may have triggered an evolutionary big bang

August 25, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

Vanishing World

Could the first planet discovered around a sunlike star be a mirage?

May 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

The Greening Of Europa

Are the satellites of giant planets a place to look for life?

April 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell


Coof low-budget astronomymputer power opens a new era

March 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

By Jove!

March 3, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

All in the Timing

A quick-seeing satellite catches cosmic cannibals in the act

January 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

Rethinking the Speedy World

An international conference dares to ask, 'Is it time for the world to slow down?'

December 30, 1996 — Corey S. Powell

All in the Timing

A satellite observes the lightning-fast flickerings of cosmic objects

December 2, 1996 — Corey S. Powell

Bugs in the Data?

The controversy over Martian life is just beginning

October 1, 1996 — W. Wayt Gibbs and Corey S. Powell

Subatomic Logic

Researchers nudge closer to the goal of quantum computing

September 16, 1996 — Corey S. Powell

Interview with Jaron Lanier

A cyberspace Renaissance man reveals his current thoughts on the World Wide Web, virtual reality, and other silicon dreams

September 15, 1996 — Corey S. Powell

The Inside Story

Detailed computer simulations help scientists delve into the Earth's interior

September 9, 1996 — Corey S. Powell
Stories by Corey S. Powell

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