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Stories by Corey S. Powell

Have We Mismeasured the Universe?

New studies of the oldest light and sound in the cosmos suggest novel physics—rather than systematic errors—could explain an unsolved scientific mystery

February 6, 2019 — Corey S. Powell

Crash and Burn

Radio eyes witness the mass births and deaths of stars

September 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

Vanishing World

Could the first planet discovered around a sunlike star be a mirage?

May 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

All in the Timing

A quick-seeing satellite catches cosmic cannibals in the act

January 1, 1997 — Corey S. Powell

All in the Timing

A satellite observes the lightning-fast flickerings of cosmic objects

December 2, 1996 — Corey S. Powell

Bugs in the Data?

The controversy over Martian life is just beginning

October 1, 1996 — W. Wayt Gibbs and Corey S. Powell
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