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Stories by Daniel G. Dupont

Proactive Prototypes

For new tech systems, a return to competitive prototyping

February 1, 2008 — Daniel G. Dupont

Far-Out Physics

Big budgets keep "fringe" projects alive

October 1, 2006 — Daniel G. Dupont

Test Drive

Will a planned defense shield defeat real missiles?

August 23, 2004 — Daniel G. Dupont

Nuclear Explosions in Orbit

The spread of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles raises fears of atomic attacks on the global satellite system

June 1, 2004 — Daniel G. Dupont

NECTAR for Your Health

Revamping U.S. medical research means unifying data

January 1, 2004 — Daniel G. Dupont

Food Fears

The threat of agricultural terrorism spurs calls for more vigilance

September 22, 2003 — Daniel G. Dupont

Under the Microscope

Will "sound science" weaken the endangered species act?

November 11, 2002 — Daniel G. Dupont

Staying Open

Universities worry about the strain on academic freedom in the face of classified research

September 1, 2002 — Daniel G. Dupont

Reengineering the Radio

The Pentagon and industry plan for software-based transceivers that combine voice, video and data

July 6, 2000 — Daniel G. Dupont

Seen Before

To guard against terrorism, the Pentagon looks to image-recognition technology

December 1, 1999 — Daniel G. Dupont


Unmanned aerial vehicles prove their potential over Kosovo

September 1, 1999 — Daniel G. Dupont

Inner-City Violence

The U.S. military tries to prepare for urban warfare

October 1, 1998 — Daniel G. Dupont

Star Warned

Missile defense remains a shaky proposition, $50 billion later

June 1, 1998 — Daniel G. Dupont

Laser Show

Critics charge that the Pentagon's antisatellite laser test could set a dangerous precedent

January 1, 1998 — Daniel G. Dupont

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