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Stories by David B. Cline

The Search for Dark Matter

Dark matter is usually thought of as something "out there." But we will never truly understand it unless we can bring it down to earth

February 10, 2003 — David B. Cline

The Search for Intermediate Vector Bosons

In theory these massive elementary particles are required to serve as the carriers of the weak nuclear force. They should be detected soon in the aftermath of collisions between protons and antiprotons

March 1, 1982 — David B. Cline, Carlo Rubbia and Simon van der Meer

The Search for New Families of Elementary Particles

At least one particle that fits none of the established families has emerged from experiments with high-energy neutrinos. The new particle must exhibit some hitherto unobserved property of matter

January 1, 1976 — David B. Cline, Alfred K. Mann and Carlo Rubbia

The Detection of Neutral Weak Currents

The recent experimental discovery of a hitherto unobserved class of elementary-particle interactions supports the view that a deep link exists between the weak force and the electromagnetic force

December 1, 1974 — David B. Cline, Alfred K. Mann and Carlo Rubbia

High-Energy Scattering

Most of what physicists know about the properties of the fundamental particles of matter is inferred from experiments in which two such particles are made to collide and the scattered products are studied

December 1, 1967 — David B. Cline and Vernon D. Barger
Stories by David B. Cline

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