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Stories by David Biello

U.S. Starts National CO2 Permits, Cap and Trade Works, and Other Surprises

The U.S. has begun to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants—quietly, with little fanfare and starting in Texas. The Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant in Llano County is being modernized with the installation of a combined cycle natural gas-fired turbine for improved efficiency at generating electricity...

November 16, 2011 — David Biello

Why Daylight Saving Time Should Be Abolished

It's that time of year in the U.S. when clocks "fall back" from Daylight Saving Time to standard time. What does that mean? Well, you get back the hour of sleep you lost last spring and you can look forward to a week or so of feeling discombobulated.The railroads were the first to set the time in the 19th century, coordinating distant clocks so that trains could run on theoretically precise timetables (this cut down on crashes.)...

November 4, 2011 — David Biello

Energy Economics: What Will Turn Us On in 2030?

Advanced lithium-ion batteries may be all the rage for electric cars, but that doesn't mean one no longer faces drain anxiety when sitting in the audience of an energy conference taking notes on a laptop while a speaker extols their virtues...

November 2, 2011 — David Biello

Green Chemistry's Real Roots [Video]

Plants mastered chemistry a long time before humans, billions of years actually. In fact, we humans and most of the rest of the life on Earth can thank tiny cyanobacteria for mastering/evolving the molecule known as chlorophyll...

October 14, 2011 — David Biello
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