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Stories by David Pescovitz

Spare Parts for Vital Organs

Engineers are creating artificial replacements for failing hearts, kidneys, pancreases and livers

June 1, 2004 — David Pescovitz

In the Waiting Room

Robodocs may be here, but remote surgery remains remote

December 1, 2000 — David Pescovitz

Wired for Speed

As chips shrink, researchers look to optical and radio-frequency interconnects

May 21, 2000 — David Pescovitz

Power to the PC

Distributed computing over the Internet goes commercial

April 1, 2000 — David Pescovitz

Bioagent Chip

A sensor to detect a biological warfare attack in seconds

March 1, 2000 — David Pescovitz


Free-air optical networks go for a test run

December 20, 1999 — David Pescovitz

Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is Around the Corner