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Stories by David Wogan

A Q&A on the value of solar

A Q&A on the value of solar

Karl Rabago discusses how to fairly compensate utilities and customers who provide solar energy.

October 30, 2013 — David Wogan

Another oil train derails in Canada

Posting here primarily to document the stresses and constraints associated with North America’s newfound oil and gas wealth (via Wunderground): Canadian National spokesman Louis-Antoine Paquin said 13 cars — four carrying petroleum crude oil and nine loaded with liquified petroleum gas — came off the tracks around 1 a.m...

October 19, 2013 — David Wogan

Ask an engineer: grid-level batteries

We’re holding a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Twitter right now with Robert Fares, PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at UT Austin, about his research in grid-level battery storage...

October 18, 2013 — David Wogan
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