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Stories by DNLee

Wordless Wednesday: I’m an Outdoor Afro

Wordless Wednesday: I’m an Outdoor Afro

A Poem I love the outdoors in the Wintertime in the Spring especially the Summer and the gorgeous Fall. My Afro – so big and round – like wide world I love so natural a gift from Mother Nature/Mother Earth I enjoy her beauty at play and work...

January 16, 2013 — DNLee
Celebrating New Year with age-old traditions

Celebrating New Year with age-old traditions

Among many Southern (US folks) as well as African-Americans, there are some very tried-and-true News Year Day superstitions traditions.  And me being a lover of cultural rituals, I look forward to them – even if I don’t always follow through...

January 3, 2013 — DNLee

Computer Science Education Week 2012 Recap

 Where you able to participate in Computer Science Education Week? Where there any memorable moments?My favorite Tweets and links about Computer Science Education Week “@drugmonkeyblog: #thatsofreud RT @funkyNMR: This is how computer scientits read "50 Shades of Grey" ” #CSEdWeek lol “@ileducprof: Clemson leads U.S...

December 14, 2012 — DNLee

Hip Hop Evolution Files: What's so special about tight vaginas?

Keri Hilson with Lil Wayne Lil Wayne's monologue really says it all: mami i dig your persona right, you look baby mama type, i know that got you kinda hyped, my ice is albino white, i hope your vagina tight i go underwater and i hope your piranha bite hahaha Why does vagina muscle tone matter?...

December 13, 2012 — DNLee
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