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Stories by Donald R. Griffin

More about Bat "Radar"

A sequel to an earlier article which described the capacity of bats to locate objects by supersonic echoes. This natural sonar is now known to incorporate extraordinary refinements

July 1, 1958 — Donald R. Griffin

Bird Sonar

How the great Humboldt, by describing the melancholy shriek of strange nocturnal birds called guacharos, brought a modern naturalist to a cavern in Venezuela to study their navigation

March 1, 1954 — Donald R. Griffin

The Navigation of Bats

How do the tiny winged mammals so skillfully avoid obstacles in the dark? Some say that they possess radar, and this is surprisingly close to the truth

August 1, 1950 — Donald R. Griffin

The Navigation of Birds

How do they find their way in their vast migrations over land and water? Some new evidence on an old mystery

December 1, 1948 — Donald R. Griffin
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