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Stories by E. P. Rosenbaum

The Teaching of Elementary Mathematics

Continuing a survey, begun last month, of the current ferment in science education. The outlook in mathematics: The next few years will bring substantial changes in high-school curricula...

May 1, 1958 — E. P. Rosenbaum

Elementary Particles

An account of the abstract theoretical ideas which physicists use to help them understand the material world. These ideas begin to show some order in the jumble of subatomic particles

July 1, 1957 — E. P. Rosenbaum and Murray Gell-Mann

Physics in the U.S.S.R.

An interview with Robert E. Marshak and Robert R. Wilson, two of the U. S. physicists who were invited to attend the recent meetings in Moscow and to visit Russian physical laboratories

August 1, 1956 — E. P. Rosenbaum

A Model of the Nucleus

As an aid to understanding the atomic nucleus, physicists visualize it in terms of simplified models. A surprisingly fruitful approach is to regard it as a cloudy crystal ball

December 1, 1955 — E. P. Rosenbaum and Victor F. Weisskopf
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