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Stories by Edward H. Smith

The Criminal as an Inventor

Some Curious Contrivances of the Oblique Mind that Have No Prototype in Legitimate Technology

June 1, 1924 — Edward H. Smith

The Romance of the Lock

Its Development, and the Means Employed to Beat It, From the Earliest Days

February 1, 1924 — Edward H. Smith

With Fire and Fraud

Something About the Acquisitive Gentleman Who Burns Buildings for Profit

December 1, 1923 — Edward H. Smith

Trapping the Burglar

Clever Devices Put Forward by Inventive Genius for Catching the Prowler at His Work

July 1, 1923 — Edward H. Smith

The Burglar and the Alarm

From the Simple Gong Alarm of Yesteryear to the Elaborate Electric Protective System of Today

May 1, 1923 — Edward H. Smith
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