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Stories by Edwin Laird Cady

Investment Casting

An Ancient Technology, In Which the Hardest Metals Are Poured Accurately in Ceramic Molds, Is a Growing Modern Business

March 1, 1948 — Edwin Laird Cady

Tubes in Manufacturing

Tubing Today is Much More Than Pipe. Among Other Things it is Becoming a Stock as Basic Sheets or Bars

February 1, 1948 — Edwin Laird Cady

Wool + Heat + Pressure = Felt

Felt, Most Ancient of Textiles, Has Become an Important Material of Modern Engineering. Covering a Wide Range of Characteristics, Felts Are Now Available for Fabricating a Great Variety of End Products...

November 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Sleeping Beauty of Industry

Silver, Long Tied to Currency Values, Can Become the Fair-Haired Boy of Industrial Engineering Metals. Its Mettle Has Already Been Proved in the Brazing, Electrical, and Chemical Fields...

October 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Casting is Changing

New Operating Techniques Applied to the Ancient Practice of Casting Are Resulting in Products Which Come From Molds With Qualities Obtainable Otherwise Only by Wroughting

August 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

When Metal Atoms Wander

Recognition of the Importance of Time as an Element in Metal Working Is Giving Rise to Theories Regarding the Action of Atoms When Subjected to Heat and Pressure. New Techniques Are Growing Out of These Theories...

July 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Processes have Families

Significant Industrial Developments Invariably Initiate Great Series of Inventions, Refinements, and Modifications. So Broad May be the Scope That Ultimately Not a Corner of Industry is Unaffected...

June 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Metallizing Takes Over

Struggling to Rise from the Status of a Stunt Process to That of a Respected Tool of Industry, Sprayed Metal, With Its Unusual Metallurgical Structure, Offers Solution to Difficult Production Problems...

May 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Salt Baths For Metals

LOOKING AHEAD—Wastage of metals in processing considerably reduced by elimination of scaling. . . Harder but less brittle steel produced at a lower cost. . . Perfection of uniform case-hardening...

April 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Job Rating for Square Dealing

Through Objective Study, Every Job in a Plant May be Accurately Evaluated. With an Incentive Created, the More Experienced Worker Selects a More Difficult Task Where His Superior Skill and Knowledge Pay Off...

March 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Pilots to Profits

Reducing the Time Gap Between Conception and Production, Pilot Plants Can Also be Profitable in Themselves. Flexibility of Pilot Plant Equipment Permits It to be Equally Valuable Whether Used in the Plant Laboratory or on the Active Production Line...

February 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Apprenticeship vs Mechanization

Damned by Some and Praised by Others, the Old Apprentice System Had Much in Its Favor--For Those Times and Machines. Modern Equipment Does Automatically Much of What Apprentices Learned to Do by Skill; Efficient Training Now Takes Days Instead of Years...

January 1, 1947 — Edwin Laird Cady

Industry Embraces Weldments

Full Advantage Can be Taken of All Metal-Fabrication Methods and of Desirable Characteristics of Metals Themslves. Weldments Reduce the Need for Complicated Castings and Intricate Machining...

December 1, 1946 — Edwin Laird Cady

Moisture Meters Move Up

Portable, Quick-Indicating, and Inexpensive Instruments--that Shop How Wet, or Dry, a Material Really is--Take Guesswork Out of Jobs Ranging from Painting Walls Through Multi-Color Printing...

November 1, 1946 — Edwin Laird Cady

Departments Without Names

Most Executives in Most Departments of Industrial Organizations are Too Specialized and Too Busy to Obtain a Bird's-Eye View of Their Firm's Integration in the Economic Matrix. Cognizant of These Facts, Many Companies are Establishing Departments--Sometimes of One Man--to Keep an Ear to the Ground and a Keen Eye on the Horizon...

October 1, 1946 — Edwin Laird Cady

Oxygen for Industry

The Uses for Pure Oxygen in Industry have been Growing for Years--Now they are Growing Even Faster. To Meet the Demand for this Hard-Working Gas, New Methods of Transportation, Plant Distribution, and Even Manufacture Within the User's Plant are Steadily Being Developed...

September 1, 1946 — Edwin Laird Cady

Machine Tools for Heating

To Apply Heat Where and When Wanted, and in Exactly the Right Amount, Has Long Been a Dream of Metal-Working Industries. Now Contoured Ceramics, High-Frequency Currents, Controlled-Atmosphere Furnaces, and Molten-Salt Baths Give Precision to Heating Processes...

August 1, 1946 — Edwin Laird Cady

Processes Must Mature

To Evaluate Properly All the New Processes that Appear, Industrial Management Would Need a Crystal Ball. Next Best are Standardized Tests--Often Unestablished--and Long Experience, which Demand Time...

July 1, 1946 — Edwin Laird Cady

Factories on the Move

With Forethought and Planning that Rival the Best-Laid Strategies of Armies, Industry is Shifting to New Sites. Local Skills, Water Power, Climate, and Other Once-Vital Factors Yield to Emphasis on Markets, Tailored Transportation, and Community Outlook...

June 1, 1946 — Edwin Laird Cady
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