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Stories by Eli Ginzberg

The Mechanization of Work

Introducing an issue on the continuing Industrial Revolution two centuries after it began. In the U.S. it has now displaced two-thirds of the labor force from the production of goods

September 1, 1982 — Eli Ginzberg

The Social Security System

The viability of the pay-as-you-go system is threatened by economic and demographic trends. The retired population and its benefits are growing faster than the active work force and its tax contributions...

January 1, 1982 — Eli Ginzberg

The Service Sector of the U.S. Economy

It is now the dominant sector, replacing the goods-producing sectors. Other changes are the growth of the nonproht sector, the increase in human capital and the further internationalization of the economy...

March 1, 1981 — Eli Ginzberg and George J. Vojta

Youth Unemployment

Getting work has been increasingly difficult for young Americans ever since the 1950's. Among nonwhites more than a third of the teenagers and a fifth of the young adults are currently unemployed...

May 1, 1980 — Eli Ginzberg

The Job Problem

The composition of the U.S. labor force has been sharply changed by the influx of women. The failure of the economy to create enough jobs is aggravated by the poor quality of most of the jobs added since 1950...

November 1, 1977 — Eli Ginzberg

The Pluralistic Economy of the U.S.

One worker in three is employed in the not-for-profit sector. This fact calls into question some traditional conceptions of the economy and suggests new approaches to gaining a fuller understanding of it...

December 1, 1976 — Eli Ginzberg
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