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Stories by Environmental Health News

California Proposes New Regulations on Chemicals in Consumer Products

Driven by revelations of lead in children’s toys, hormone-mimicking chemicals in plastic baby bottles and controversial flame-retardants in furniture, state environmental officials drafted a set of rules aimed at products with chemicals that have been linked to illness or abnormal development...

June 24, 2010 — Jane Kay and Environmental Health News

Flame Retardants May Alter Hormones of Pregnant Women

High levels of brominated flame retardants can alter pregnant women’s thyroid hormones, which are critical to a baby’s growth and brain development, according to a California study

June 21, 2010 — Marla Cone and Environmental Health News

Endosulfan to Be Banned, Pesticide Poses "Unacceptable Risks," EPA Says

The EPA, declaring that endosulfan is unsafe for farm workers, moves to ban one of the last organochlorine pesticides left in the U.S. Like DDT, endosulfan accumulates in the environment and in the bodies of people and wildlife, and is transported around the world to remote places...

June 10, 2010 — Marla Cone and Environmental Health News

U.S. Food Still Tainted with Old Chemicals

Thirty-eight years after DDT was banned, Americans still consume trace amounts of the infamous insecticide every day, along with more than 20 other banned chemicals

April 22, 2010 — Emily Elert and Environmental Health News

Farm Pesticides Linked to Skin Cancer

Sun exposure has always been considered the driving force behind rising rates of melanoma. But new research suggests that repeated, long-term use of pesticides may be an important factor, too...

March 31, 2010 — Gordon Shetler and Environmental Health News

Small Dogs Prove Susceptible to Flea Poison

Warning that the powerful poisons can endanger dogs and cats, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will require new instructions and labeling for flea products

March 18, 2010 — Marla Cone and Environmental Health News
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