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Stories by Eric R. Kandel

The Biological Basis of Learning and Individuality

Recent discoveries suggest that learning engages a simple set of rules that modify the strength of connections between neurons in the brain. These changes play an important role in making each individual unique

September 1, 1992 — Eric R. Kandel and Robert D. Hawkins

Small Systems of Neurons

Such systems are the elementary units of mental function. Studies of simple animals such as the large snail Aplysia show that small systems of neurons are capable of forms of learning and memory

September 1, 1979 — Eric R. Kandel

Nerve Cells and Behavior

Can memory and learning be studied at the level of nerve cells and their interconnections? A beginning is made by relating changes In the activity of nerve cells to the modification of simple behaviors

July 1, 1970 — Eric R. Kandel

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