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Stories by Eugene Ayres

The Fuel Situation

Earth's finite reserves of petroleum, natural gas and coal cannot continue to supply much longer the rising demand for energy. The development of new sources of energy must now have high priority...

October 1, 1956 — Eugene Ayres

An Automatic Chemical Plant

The art of feedback control has attained its highest development in the modern petroleum refinery. Such refineries are not quite fully automatic, but in them we see the shape of plants to come...

September 1, 1952 — Eugene Ayres


Because glass is transparent to some kinds of radiation but opaque to others, it can be used to trap solar energy. This will be a major method of heating in houses of the future

February 1, 1951 — Eugene Ayres

Power from the Sun

While man steadily consumes his limited store of fossil fuels, a bounteous supply of energy is showered upon him by the sun. What are the fundamental means of tapping it?

August 1, 1950 — Eugene Ayres

The Fuel Problem

The demand for liquid and gaseous fuels must sooner or later outstrip our resources of petroleum and natural gas. What of the processes that get these fuels from such solids as coal?

December 1, 1949 — Eugene Ayres
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