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Stories by Frank von Hippel

Eliminating Nuclear Warheads

More than 50,000 nuclear weapons may be decommissioned during the next 10years. Their disposal requires both technical and political innovations

August 1, 1993 — Frank von Hippel, Marvin Miller, Harold Feiveson, Anatoli Diakov and Frans Berkhout

Stopping the Production of Fissile Materials for Weapons

A halt in producing the essential ingredients of nuclear weapons would be easy to verify. It could therefore contribute to tighter control over the amount of weaponry in the superpowers' arsenals...

September 1, 1985 — Barbara G. Levi, David H. Albright and Frank von Hippel

The Fuel Economy of Light Vehicles

As domestic oil production decreases, cars with better fuel economy become more attractive. By 1995 it should be possible without major innovations to have fuel economies of more than 60 miles per gallon...

May 1, 1981 — Charles L. Gray and Frank von Hippel

Limited Nuclear War

The U.S. may be committing itself to preparing for a war limited to attacks on military bases, with relatively few civilian casualties. Would the casualties really be few, and could the war stay limited?...

November 1, 1976 — Frank von Hippel and Sidney D. Drell
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