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Stories by G. H. Estabrooks

Man — Mechanical Misfit

In the Long Course of Organic Evolution Diverse Experiments Have Been Tried, Some Successfully and Some Not, Is Man Destined to Failure?

November 1, 1939 — G. H. Estabrooks

They Shall Not Pass

Preventive Medicine, Man's Battle with the Germs of Disease Toxins and Anti-toxins, Vaccines, Inoculations Disease Is An Insult to Science

December 1, 1937 — G. H. Estabrooks

Me and My Dog

Can Dogs Think? Lacking in Three Vast Advantages Humans Enjoy and Take for Granted, Dogs Cannot Be Regarded Scientifically as Thinking Animals

June 1, 1937 — G. H. Estabrooks

Sense and Nonsense In Sensations

Hunger and Thirst, Fatigue and Pain, Cold and Warmth, Smell, Sight and Color Blindness, Hearing, Our "Intelligence Department"

February 1, 1937 — G. H. Estabrooks


Is Not a Mystic Force, Is Akin to Sleep--Walking and Insanity, Mainly of Use to the Psychologist, Other Uses are Very Limited

March 1, 1936 — G. H. Estabrooks

Facts About Hypnotism

Many of the Results of Hypnotism Are in Dispute. The Author Puts Forth Some Interesting Arguments

April 1, 1928 — G. H. Estabrooks
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