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Stories by Gary A. Strobel

Biological Control of Weeds

Insects and microorganisms are already serving as commercial weed killers, and other biological approaches show promise. The goal: environmentally compatible alternatives to chemical herbicides...

July 1, 1991 — Gary A. Strobel

Dutch Elm Disease

This deadly fungal infection of elm trees may be brought under control with the aid of novel biological techniques that attack both the fungus and the beetles that spread it

August 1, 1981 — Gary A. Strobel and Gerald N. Lanier

A Mechanism of Disease Resistance in Plants

What makes some plants susceptible to a disease and others resistant? Study of a fungus affecting sugarcane reveals a molecular mechanism that may function in many diseases that reduce the world's food crops...

January 1, 1975 — Gary A. Strobel
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