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Stories by Gunjan Sinha

How science helped bring down the Berlin Wall

BERLIN—On November 9, 1918, a German politician announced the creation of the new democratic nation of Germany. Twenty years later on November 9, 1938, the Nazis destroyed synagogues and killed dozens to hundreds of Jews, beginning the pogroms that sent thousands more to concentration camps.

November 9, 2009 — Gunjan Sinha

Pumping Coal

Coming soon to the U.S.: Cleaner diesel from dirty coal

May 15, 2006 — Gunjan Sinha

Bugs and Drugs

Gut bacteria could determine how well medicines work

November 1, 2005 — Gunjan Sinha

Bad Medicine

Why data from drug companies may be hard to swallow

January 13, 2003 — Gunjan Sinha

Pump It Up

A new implant sustains heart patients waiting for transplants

November 1, 1996 — Gunjan Sinha

Smog From Space

Pollution photographed from the space shuttle helps to quantify global cooling

September 1, 1996 — Gunjan Sinha

Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is Around the Corner