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Stories by Gunther S. Stent

The Development of a Simple Nervous System

Tracing the pedigree of nerve cells in the embryonic growth of dwarf and giant leeches yields preliminary clues to the functioning of the adult nervous system

January 1, 1982 — David A. Weisblat and Gunther S. Stent

Cellular Communication

Cells communicate by means of hormones and nerve fibers. Such communication and all other forms of communication are founded on the information incorporated in the molecules of nucleic acid...

September 1, 1972 — Gunther S. Stent

The Multiplication of Bacterial Viruses

The organisms that infect bacteria provide a means of studying the mechanism of heredity. Some new tracer experiments reveal that their reproduction has several rather unexpected features...

May 1, 1953 — Gunther S. Stent
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Scientific American Health & Medicine