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Stories by H. T. Rutledge

Radio Changes its Tune

How Industry Produces Crystals that Hold Broadcasting Stations on their Frequencies

March 1, 1941 — H. T. Rutledge

What Does the Soil Need?

Scientific Fertilizing Produces Remarkable Results, Possible When Soil Minerals, Soil Needs Are Known, Proper Tests Give Answer To Grower

April 1, 1940 — H. T. Rutledge

Restoring Rome's Colosseum

Recent Excavations Beneath the Ancient Arena Reveal Elevator Shafts for Raising Wild Beasts to the Combat Level by Means of Counterweights

March 1, 1940 — H. T. Rutledge

Air, Water, Coal = Hosiery

Fiber From Abundant Raw Materials, Fiber is Only One of a Large Family of Chemical Products Known as Nylon, Research That Led to Them

February 1, 1940 — H. T. Rutledge
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Science or SciFi?

Science or SciFi?

Vanishing Particles. Spooky Action.