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Stories by Hadas Shema

On Self-Citation

Self-citing is often frowned upon, being considered (and sometimes is) vanity, egotism or an attempt in self-advertising. However, everyone self-cite because sooner or later, everyone builds upon previous findings "Given the cumulative nature of the production of new knowledge, self-citations constitute a natural part of the communication process." (Costas et al., 2010).The argument whether citation analysis should include self-citation has been going on since the early days of citation analysis and is still ongoing...

July 24, 2012 — Hadas Shema

Understanding the Journal Impact Factor Part Two

Despite its many faults (see part I), the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) is considered an influential index to a journal's quality, and publishing in high-impact journals is essential to a researcher's academic career...

June 24, 2012 — Hadas Shema

Discussion of scholarly information in research blogs

Discussion of scholarly information in research blogsAs some of you know, Mike Thelwall, Judit Bar-Ilan (both are my dissertation advisors) and myself published an article called "Research Blogs and the Discussion of Scholarly Information" in PLoS One...

May 21, 2012 — Hadas Shema

Understanding the Journal Impact Factor Part One

The journals in which scientists publish can make or break their career. A scientist must publish in "leading" journals, with high Journal Impact Factor (JIF), (you can see it presented proudly on high-impact journals' websites)...

May 7, 2012 — Hadas Shema

Introduction post - Hadas Shema

Two questions I get asked now and then are A. "What do you study?" And B. "What is it good for? (as in "Why should my tax money fund you?"). Now that I have an excellent platform like this SciAm blog, I might as well take advantage of it to answer at least the first question (I'll let you decide if it's worth the taxpayer's money).I study Information or Library Science, and my sub-field is what used to be called Bibliometrics, “the application of mathematical and statistical methods to books and other media of communication,” (Pritchard, 1969)...

May 7, 2012 — Hadas Shema

Health Reporting and Its Sources

Where do health and science news stories come from? The cynical answer would be "the news agency" or "the press release." Both, unfortunately, are true.

May 31, 2011 — Hadas Shema
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