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Stories by Hilda Bastian


Dissecting the controversy about early psychological response to disasters and trauma

Right now in Oklahoma, first responders and volunteers are pulling out the stops to mobilize all the help they can, including psychological support. They’ll be able to rely on people’s great reserves of generosity and resilience.Devastating tornadoes have a lot in common with other major traumas, like life-threatening accidents, the Boston bombing and the Newtown shooting – especially the emotional distress they leave in their aftermath...

May 21, 2013 — Hilda Bastian

#NIHMiM12 the Spreading Shadow of Cancer Angst: 3 Things You Need to Know to Meet It Rationally

Cancer screening keeps spreading to more groups of people, pushed by a widely shared conviction that more and earlier must always be better. As the shadow of cancer widens to cover ever more people, and lengthens to cover longer stretches of their lifespans, cancer angst spreads far and wide, too.Barry Kramer wants to counteract irrational fear and actions by helping us get more rational about cancer screening...

October 18, 2012 — Hilda Bastian
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