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Stories by J. Bernard Walker

The Post-War Navies

How the Overgrown War fleets of the United States and Great Britain were brought down to a Peacetime Basis

December 1, 1927 — J. Bernard Walker

Building for the Ages

Built of Large-Size Stone, Bedded in Cement Mortar, St. John's Cathedral Should Be As Lasting As the Pyramids

November 1, 1927 — J. Bernard Walker

Super-Guns for Our Army

Ordnance Officer, Chemist and Mathematician Combined Have Doubled the Efficiency of Our Army Ordnance Since the War

July 1, 1927 — J. Bernard Walker

A Two Hundred Mile-Per-Hour Car

How the Physicist, the Chemist and Wind-tunnel Tests Collaborated in Producing the Car Which Made 203.79 Miles Per Hour On Daytona Beach

June 1, 1927 — J. Bernard Walker

The Reconstructed Battleship "Texas"

Blisters Below Water, Heavier Deck Armor, Improved Boilers, Tripod Masts and Larger Cruising Radius, Render the "Texas" a Far More Efficient Ship

April 1, 1927 — J. Bernard Walker

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift--VIII

Our Virgin Soils Were Formerly Rich in Plant Food. We Have Been Taking This Food Out and Putting Very Little Back, Thus Exhausting the Soil

March 1, 1927 — J. Bernard Walker
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