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Stories by J. F. Springer

Some Great Dredges

Monster Grab-Buckets that are Able to take Fifty Tons of Mud and Rock at a Single Bite

December 1, 1923 — J. F. Springer

The Story of Cork

Where the Raw Material for Stoppers and Floats Comes from, and How it is Obtained

October 15, 1921 — J. F. Springer

A Problem in Levels

How the Shafts and Workings of Coal Mines Are Kept Free of Water

September 17, 1921 — J. F. Springer

Clusters and Nebulae

Some Startling Facts and Figures Concerning These Interesting Astronomical Features

July 16, 1921 — J. F. Springer

The Craters of the Moon

Possible Light on Their Origin , from Experiments with Airplane Bombs at Langley Field

June 18, 1921 — J. F. Springer
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