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Stories by Jacques Boyer

When the Hun Comes to Paris

The Huge Sirens That Warn the Population to Take Shelter
[air raids on Paris]
[the cover color illustration is associated with this article]

August 10, 1918 — Jacques Boyer

Testing Eggs by Photography

Some of the Things Which the Eyes of the Camera Sees When it Looks Through the Hen's Creations

April 20, 1918 — Jacques Boyer

The Absent Treatment in Efficiency Tests

Bringing the Nerves of the Battle Line into the Laboratory
By Jaques Boyer
"building up of a series of tests, partly mental and partly physical, by means of which a candidate for aviation or ambulance driving or some other special work is made to reveal his ability to do that work,"...

September 22, 1917 — Jacques Boyer

Selecting Aviators

Psycho-Motive Examination of Candidates for the French Service

July 1, 1916 — Jacques Boyer
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