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Stories by James Burke

French Leave

In his final column, James Burke discusses matters bucolic, adulterous, explosive, decorative, passionate and (fittingly) fugitive

March 17, 2001 — James Burke

Home from Home

James Burke employs body snatching, mastodons, Great White Explorers, journalism, war, raincoats and malaria to literary ends

February 18, 2001 — James Burke

Not Nelson's Obelisk

James Burke draws monumental conclusions from wax, dinner sets, greenhouses, Argentina, prisons and the king of beasts

December 19, 2000 — James Burke

Getting High

Booze, dope, metaphysics and other rhapsodic matters¿
James Burke airs a few Renaissance thoughts

October 20, 2000 — James Burke

Not What It Seems

James Burke explores crystals, sheepish matters, monster chicks,
poets and other smoke-and-mirrors stuff

July 20, 2000 — James Burke

All at Sea

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum¿buried treasure and pirates, novelists and politics¿James Burke tours life on the high seas

June 20, 2000 — James Burke

What a Nerve

From Beethoven and Dickens to the chemistry of urine to "siderism"--not all science ends with a Nobel, notes James Burke

May 21, 2000 — James Burke

Water Music

In which we visit singers, fiddlers, fertilizers and health freaks and, James Burke observes, it all goes down the drain

April 21, 2000 — James Burke
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