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Stories by James Byrne

The Sciences

Goodbye SciAm Blogs

I’m a little sad to be writing this but its come to that point. I have to leave the Scientific American network. I haven’t been asked to leave (as I thought I would) or lost interest in blogging, I just simply can not dedicate the time to do it properly and to a standard that I set for myself, so I am taking a break.I have been blogging (almost) every week since 2009 in various places and during that time I have been doing a PhD, getting jobs, getting married and now starting a family.Now that I have to finish my PhD thesis, while holding down a full time job, before I become a father in a few months it has become apparent that there is simply not enough hours in the day to dedicate to all my projects so job, thesis and baby round out the top three and until one of them gives I’m stuck.It is with great sadness (tinged with excitement and the good kind of terror) that I leave Scientific American and the amazing line up of bloggers I still struggle to understand how I was counted among...

April 25, 2012 — James Byrne
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