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Stories by James F. Kasting

When Methane Made Climate

Today methane-producing microbes are confined to oxygen-free settings, such as the guts of cows, but in Earth's distant past, they ruled the world

July 1, 2004 — James F. Kasting

The Origins of Water on Earth

Evidence is mounting that other planets hosted oceans at one time, but ONLY EARTH has maintained its watery endowment

September 1, 2003 — James F. Kasting

How Climate Evolved on the Terrestrial Planets

Planets with temperate, earthlike climates were once thought to be rare in our galaxy. Mathematical models now suggest that if planets do exist outside the solar system, many of them might be habitable

February 1, 1988 — James F. Kasting, Owen B. Toon and James B. Pollack
Stories by James F. Kasting

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