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Stories by Jason G. Goldman

Gathering Emotional Intelligence: My Review of Animal Wise

My review of Virginia Morell's latest book Animal Wise is in this summer's issue of Conservation Magazine , and is also now online. It was just after six o’clock in the evening on an autumn day in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve...

June 18, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

Bringing Science to the Zoo

Within the wildlife conservation community, both in the field (" in situ ") as well as in captive settings (" ex situ "), there is a great deal of folk knowledge about the best methods for animal care as well as species protection and restoration...

June 5, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

The Best Animal Engineers

If an intelligent alien species landed on the small bit of galactic rock that we call home, they might get out of their spaceships, have a look around, and decide that we—that is, our species—are the master builders on our planet...

May 31, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

Cognitive Chickens and Memorable Sea Slugs

There is a rich tradition in psychology and neuroscience of using animals as models for understanding humans. Humans, after all, are enormously complicated creatures to begin even from a strictly biological perspective...

May 15, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

Time for a Nap [Photo]

Well, I've gone and submitted my dissertation to my committee.Like this San Diego Zoo polar bear, I intend to hibernate through the weekend. And then, we prepare the defense.

April 26, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

Is Meat-Eating A Conservation Tactic?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about wildlife conservation psychology, especially in light of last month’s TEDxDeExtinction event.

April 12, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

A Photo Safari at the San Diego Zoo

#PHD2013 is getting closer and closer. In the meantime, here are some more portraits of San Diego Zoo residents, following on from last week's post.Here's an angolan colobus monkey, with some bits of breakfast stuck to its face.An African Grey Parrot, a conspecific of the famous Alex.A menacing Steller's Sea Eagle, the best of all of Steller's birds, according to John McCormack...

March 27, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

The Thoughtful Animal, Now With More MIND

Changes are afoot around here! Six new blogs were launched today, which when combined with the previously-existing Sci Am psychology and neuroscience bloggers, form the new Scientific American MIND Blog Network.What does it mean for this blog?...

March 13, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

The Wilder Side of Sex

My latest piece for BBC Future is now up, and it focuses on how the things we may think of as odd, gross, or strange when it comes to human sexual practices are perhaps entirely normal for other species...

February 25, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

The LA County Science Fair Needs Help

Empirical research on the effects of science fair participation seems scant, but the research that does exist suggests that participation is generally a positive experience for students, that participation increases scientific literacy, and, importantly, that participation results in an increased understanding the process of science...

February 15, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

Shouting for Sex: I'm Speaking on "Your Primal Instincts" at @MindshareLA Next Week

Mindshare LA Presents: "Your Primal Instincts" ...on the West Side!I'll be speaking at a special sciencey Valentine's Day version of Mindshare this month in Santa Monica along with Christopher Ryan (of Sex at Dawn fame) and science journalist Sharon Brock.We'll all be covering the science of love from our own perspectives, and my talk will be about how animals shout at each other for sex, how some types of shouts are more effective than other types of shouts, and what (if anything) it might tell us about how we humans go about finding that special someone...

February 11, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

Animals That Make Believe

In his book Cosmos , Carl Sagan wrote, "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."In the photo above, Koko the gorilla plays with a doll, apparently pretending to nurse it...

February 7, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman
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