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Stories by Jason G. Goldman

Sunday Photoblogging: Curious about Curiosity

Last weekend, NASA successfully launched the Mars Science Laboratory - called Curiosity, which is currently well on its way towards the red planet.Back in May, I went to an Open House at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena...

December 4, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

On Capsaicin: Why Do We Love to Eat Hot Peppers?

Stories of pepper spray have been all over the news lately. On Fox News, Megyn Kelly wondered what all the fuss about this "food product" was, and while pepper spray is no vegetable, the compound that makes pepper spray into a weapon at 2-5.3 million Scoville units, is indeed the same compound that many humans find enjoyable when consumed in dishes that include peppers much lower on the Scoville scale...

November 30, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Editor's Selections: More on Pepper Spray, and Synaesthesia

Here are my Research Blogging Editor's Selections for this week. By now you've heard a lot about how dangerous weaponized pepper spray can be, and how much more dangerous to people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma...

November 29, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Engaging Undergrads with Wikipedia

Longtime science blog readers will certainly remember the popular cognitive psychology blog Cognitive Daily, written by Greta and Dave Munger, that had a fantastic five-year run at Scienceblogs...

November 21, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Sunday Photoblogging: Life On The Edge

In downtown San Diego, a group of harbor seals have made their home on a small beach protected behind a seawall. This beach gives them some protection against predation by the sharks that inhabit the waters off the coast of southern California...

November 20, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Sunday Photoblogging: Urban Jungle

We went out on Friday night in search of a parking structure from which Enrique Gutierrez and I could take some downtown architecture shots. We finally found one, drove up 7 stories to the roof, and then I spied a stairway near the elevator column...

November 13, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Book Review: How I Killed Pluto by Mike Brown

Mike Brown always wanted to discover a planet. On August 25, 2006, Mike Brown killed Pluto. Well, the truth is Pluto had been killed long before, but it wasn't until August 25 that the International Astronomical Union met, in Prague, to have the official vote...

November 3, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Real Life Werewolves? Dog Bites and Full Moons

Happy Halloween! I decided to revise and repost this piece from November 1, 2010, on dog bites, full moons, and confirmation bias. Click the archives icon to see the original post.

October 31, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Sunday Photoblogging: Crescent Moon and Sunset

A beautiful sunset with a sliver of a crescent moon, shot yesterday, October 29, 2011, at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. (Click to enlarge) Details: Canon Rebel XTi, Canon f2.8 24mm prime lens...

October 30, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman
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