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Stories by Jason G. Goldman


Office Parties Are Just Like Four Loko (Which Is Just Like The Copenhagen Philharmonic)

When this headline from The Telegraph flashed across Google Reader, I couldn't help but be amused: Scientists explain why the office party so often ends in embarrassment.From the article: Now scientists have come up with an explanation for why the office party is so often the cause of embarrassing and inappropriate behaviour.Researchers have found that drinking in environments not normally associated with alcohol consumption can leave drinkers less able to control their behaviour.The brain learns to compensate for the inhibition lowering effects of alcohol when in a familiar setting, such as a pub or at home with friends, they discovered.However, if they drink in an unfamiliar environment such as the workplace, where they are usually sober and focused, drinkers do not benefit from tolerance and lose control of their inhibitions...

September 14, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman
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