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Stories by Jennifer Rohn

Death in the lab

As a scientist, I spend my days in the lab trying to tease out little truths about how the cells in our bodies behave. The full picture is still unknown and, along with hundreds of thousands of others like me, I’m gradually filling in the pieces.As a novelist, I spend my nights spinning about scientists, writing in a genre I call “lab lit” – not science fiction, but mainstream novels featuring scientists plying their trade.

December 19, 2011 — Jennifer Rohn

What the Alien Auto Aficionados Can Teach Us about Cell Shape

We cell biologists get around.After being awarded our PhD, we tend to move from lab to lab, taking on whatever new project is on offer. Like guns for hire, we follow the stimulating scientific puzzles from city to city, and often from country to country.The variety of cell biology out there is staggering.

November 17, 2011 — Jennifer Rohn

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