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Stories by John Horgan

The Finance of Fission

Wall Street is reluctant to back a resurgence of nuclear power

June 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Ivan's Eyes

A ban ends, and antisatellite weapons make a comeback

June 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Do Bees Think?

The discoverer of bat "sonar" thinks about animals' thoughts

May 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Pinning Down Clouds

Scientists ponder the role of clouds in climatic change

May 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Flash Point

U.S. fusion workers chafe under security restrictions

April 1, 1989 — John Horgan


"Limited" antimissile schemes are gaining in popularity

February 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Fusion's Future

Will fusion-energy reactors be "too complex and costly"?

February 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Lone-Star Science

The supercollider will be built in Texas-if it is built at all

January 1, 1989 — John Horgan

After Discovery ...

The future for space science looks bright-or does it?

December 1, 1988 — John Horgan

Ignorance in Action

Politicians hear but do not heed scientists' advice on drug abuse

November 1, 1988 — John Horgan

Test-Ban Countdown

As START stalls, arms controllers focus again on nuclear testing

October 1, 1988 — John Horgan

The Bionic Mind

Electrodes in the brain maysomeday-aid paralysis victims

October 1, 1988 — John Horgan

"Star Wars of the Seas"

Do the lessons of the Iranian Airbus tragedy apply to SDI?

September 1, 1988 — John Horgan

K.A.L. 007

Did the U.S. "misrepresent" a key piece of evidence?

August 1, 1988 — John Horgan


Opposition to U.S. research in biological warfare intensifies

July 1, 1988 — John Horgan

Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Can it contain our deadliest nuclear waste for 10,000 years?

June 1, 1988 — John Horgan

The Violent Yanomamö

A new study rekindles a debate over the roots of warfare

May 1, 1988 — John Horgan

Intelligence Test

Can the U.S. monitor cuts in strategic nuclear missiles?

April 1, 1988 — John Horgan


NASA suffers new problems, both technical and political

March 1, 1988 — John Horgan

Poisoning the Air

The U.S. resumes production of lethal nerve-gas weapons.

March 1, 1988 — John Horgan

Special Edition: Mysteries of the Mind