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Stories by John M. Logsdon

As Atlantis Glides to Its Final Landing, What Comes Next?

With all of the discussion about future U.S. efforts in human spaceflight precipitated by final flight of the space shuttle, too little attention has been given to how international cooperation might factor into that future...

July 19, 2011 — John M. Logsdon

Final Shuttle Launch Occasions Anxiety about Future of U.S. in Space

There is a certain sense of unreality as I sit this morning at the Kennedy Space Center press site, with Atlantis on the launch pad just over three miles away awaiting its last mission (STS 135), NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver finishing a briefing on NASA's ambitious plans for the future, a hundred enthusiastic young people from all over the country gathered for a "Tweetup" to communicate their impressions of being at a launch—while in Washington, D.C., the House Appropriations Committee apparently is intending today to cut almost $2 billion from NASA's budget...

July 7, 2011 — John M. Logsdon
Was the Race to the Moon Real?

Was the Race to the Moon Real?

In 1961 President John F. Kennedy made the goal to be first on the moon a matter of national honor. But were the Soviets truly in the running?

June 1, 1994 — Alain Dupas and John M. Logsdon

U.S. Access to Space

For the next decade the U.S. has to rely on the shuttle and existing expendable launchers to get into space. Before launchers for the 21 st century are developed, space-program goals should be established...

March 1, 1989 — Ray A. Williamson and John M. Logsdon
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