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Stories by Julie Wakefield

Doom and Gloom by 2100

Unleashed viruses, environmental disaster, gray goo--astronomer Sir Martin Rees calculates that civilization has only a 50-50 chance of making it to the 22nd century

June 21, 2004 — Julie Wakefield

Science's Political Bulldog

Representative Henry A. Waxman blasts away at the White House for alleged abuse of science. Sure, it's politics--but it could restore confidence in the scientific process

April 26, 2004 — Julie Wakefield

Telecom's Man of the Moment

Heir to a famed military and political legacy, Michael K. Powell tries to make his mark on the federal agency that regulates cell phones, television and the Internet

February 23, 2002 — Julie Wakefield

Mimicking Mother Nature

Marrying art and science, Nekton Research has developed an underwater robot inspired by a one-celled organism

January 1, 2002 — Julie Wakefield

Catching a Buzz

New Internet traffic watchers aim to elevate marketing to a science

November 1, 2001 — Julie Wakefield

A Mind for Consciousness

Somewhere in the brain, Christof Koch believes, there are certain clusters of neurons that will explain why you're you and not someone else

July 17, 2001 — Julie Wakefield

The Search for Extreme Life

If microorganisms exist on other worlds, the head of NASA's fledgling Astrobiology Institute plans to find them

July 20, 2000 — Julie Wakefield
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