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Stories by Kurt Gottfried

Did Bohr Share Nuclear Secrets?

Niels Bohr met with a Soviet agent in late 1945. Although some have accused Bohr of divulging nuclear secrets, a recently disclosed memo offers evidence to the contrary

May 1, 1995 — Hans A. Bethe, Kurt Gottfried and Roald Z. Sagdeev

Space-Based Ballistic-Missile Defense

President Reagan's "Star Wars" program seems unilkely ever to protect the entire nation against a nuclear attack. It would nonetheless trigger a major expansion of the arms race

October 1, 1984 — Hans A. Bethe, Richard L. Garwin, Kurt Gottfried and Henry W. Kendall

Antisatellite Weapons

Unless some action is taken soon to restrain the further development of such weapons the positive contributions of satellites to international security will be threatened

June 1, 1984 — Donald L. Hafner, Kurt Gottfried and Richard L. Garwin

"No First Use" of Nuclear Weapons

The security of all nations would be enhanced if the U.S. and its allies were to adopt a military strategy that did not rely on nuclear arms to counter a non-nuclear attack

March 1, 1984 — Kurt Gottfried, Henry W. Kendall and John M. Lee
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