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Stories by Lloyd J. Old

Immunotherapy for Cancer

As knowledge about the immune system grows, scientists are devising ways, using the body's own defenses, to attack cancer

September 1, 1996 — Lloyd J. Old

Tumor Necrosis Factor

First identified because of its anticancer activity, the factor is now recognized to be one of a family of proteins that orchestrate the body's remarkably complex response to injury and infection

May 1, 1988 — Lloyd J. Old

Cancer Immunology

Cancer cells have "foreign" labels, yet they can escape destruction by the immune system. Efforts are being made to learn how they do so and to utilize the immune response for treatment of the disease

May 1, 1977 — Lloyd J. Old

L-Asparagine and Leukemia

The cells of some leukemias need an outside supply of the amino acid L-asparagine. This means they are vulnerable to treatment with the enzyme L-asparaginase, which destroys the amino acid

August 1, 1968 — Lloyd J. Old, Edward A. Boyse and H. A. Campbell
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