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Stories by Loren C. Eiseley

Charles Lyell

He founded modern historical geology and set the stage for the achievement of Charles Darwin. Until late in his career, however, he was reluctant to accept the idea of evolution

August 1, 1959 — Loren C. Eiseley

Alfred Russel Wallace

This great 19th-century naturalist and Charles Darwin simultaneously announced the theory of evolution by means of natural selection. He later went beyond Darwin in applying the theory to human evolution...

February 1, 1959 — Loren C. Eiseley

Oreopithecus: Homunculus or Monkey?

This fossil primate has recently been described as manlike, which calls attention to a classical argument as to whether the primitive ancestors of man resembled little men or apes

June 1, 1956 — Loren C. Eiseley

Charles Darwin

In 1831 this gentle Englishman set forth on his famous voyage in the Beagle. After 28 years he published Origin of Species, which revolutionized man's view of nature and his place in it

February 1, 1956 — Loren C. Eiseley

Man the Fire-Maker

His unique evolution is largely due to his ability to turn heat to his own ends. Even before he learned to bake clay and smelt metals he used fire to change himself and the face of the earth...

September 1, 1954 — Loren C. Eiseley

Fossil Man

Modern man has taken from the earth the remains of many creatures that dimly outline his evolution. Their bones offer no clue, however, to the forces which caused the rapid development of his unique brain...

December 1, 1953 — Loren C. Eiseley

Is Man Alone in Space?

He sometimes wonders if, on a planet similar to the Earth, another genus Homo has arisen. An anthropologist considers the possibility in the light of what we know of evolution

July 1, 1953 — Loren C. Eiseley

Is Man here to Stay?

Throughout evolutionary history all dominant forms of life except man have been supplanted. Thus far the new dominant forms have sprung from unobtrusive, unspecialized creatures

November 1, 1950 — Loren C. Eiseley

Antiquity of Modern Man

The discovery of a broken skull in a French cave proves, after a long debate, that Homo sapiens walked the earth with Neanderthalers

July 1, 1948 — Loren C. Eiseley

Who Were Our Ancestors?

The Strange Tale of an Ancient Skull that Baffled a Committee of Experts Appointed to Investigate it

May 1, 1943 — Loren C. Eiseley

Pseudo-Fossil Man

Not All Human Skulls that Look Primitive Are Those of Ancient Primitive Man, and Why

March 1, 1943 — Loren C. Eiseley
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The Essential Guide to the Modern World