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Stories by Luis Miguel Ariza

Evolution in a Petri Dish

In the lab, seeing how infectious disease triggers new species

December 1, 2007 — Luis Miguel Ariza

Planning for Prestige

Hope for getting the oil out of a sunken tanker

January 1, 2004 — Luis Miguel Ariza

Oiling up Spain

A sunken tanker could tarnish Spain for decades

April 1, 2003 — Luis Miguel Ariza

The Next Wave of AIDS

Ignorance and drug resistance may worsen the crisis

September 16, 2002 — Luis Miguel Ariza

River of Vitriol

The Rio Tinto in Spain abounds in acid--and unexpected organisms

September 1, 1998 — Luis Miguel Ariza

Einstein's Drag

Two satellites reveal how Earth's rotation warps space-time

July 1, 1998 — Luis Miguel Ariza

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