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Stories by Marc Kuchner


Hungry for Jobs and for Change, Scientists Join the Occupy Movement

Traffic backed up along Baltimore's inner harbor last week as protestors from the "Occupy" movement waved signs and shouted at the passing drivers. And among the protestors were scientists and science students, unhappy with their job prospects, their funding prospects, and the way science is viewed in America.I had heard about the protests on the news, and hadn't paid too much attention...

October 24, 2011 — Marc Kuchner
Mind & Brain

Optimism and Enthusiasm: Lessons for Scientists from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Computers who died this week, had a reputation as a passionate business leader and a modern folk hero. In 1999 one of Jobs’s friends said, “He is single-minded, almost manic, in his pursuit of excellence.” That’s certainly a character trait we scientists can admire.Let’s take a look at another one of Job’s traits that we scientists can benefit from emulating...

October 6, 2011 — Marc Kuchner
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