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Stories by Marguerite Holloway

Trees of the Triassic

In the Painted Desert of Arizona, a story of how forests turned to stone and how the stones are walking away

May 1, 2002 — Marguerite Holloway

Young Cells in Old Brains

The paradigm-shifting conclusion that adult brains can grow new neurons owes a lot to Elizabeth Gould's rats and monkeys

September 16, 2001 — Marguerite Holloway

Save the Muntjacs

And warty pigs, saolas, zebra-striped rabbits--helping to discover and preserve new animals is this biologist's game

September 20, 2000 — Marguerite Holloway

The Killing Lakes

Two lakes in Cameroon are poised to release lethal gas, as they did in the 1980s. Writer Marguerite Holloway reports on scientists' efforts to prevent another tragedy

July 1, 2000 — Marguerite Holloway


A controversial article links the recent drop in crime to the legalization of abortion two decades ago

December 20, 1999 — Marguerite Holloway

The Ascent of Scent

By exploring the connection between memory and odor, psychologist Rachel S. Herz is giving smell its due

November 20, 1999 — Marguerite Holloway

Oil on Water

Studies arising from the Exxon Valdez oil spill suggest that fish are more sensitive to hydrocarbons than previously thought

March 17, 1999 — Marguerite Holloway
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