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Stories by Marguerite Holloway

A Global View

Improving women's health means overhauling attitudes toward sex and addressing hidden epidemics, such as domestic violence

August 1, 1994 — Marguerite Holloway

Family Matters

Revised dates invigorate debate on human origins

May 1, 1994 — Marguerite Holloway

Nurturing Nature

Can we rebuild it? The field of ecological restoration is evaluating techniques to restore nature and is grappling with definitions of success

April 1, 1994 — Marguerite Holloway

Dioxin Indictment

A growing body of research links the compound to cancer

January 1, 1994 — Marguerite Holloway

A Lab of Her Own

Despite decades of struggle, women remain a small minority in the scientific community

November 1, 1993 — Marguerite Holloway

Hard Times

Occupational injuries among children are increasing

October 1, 1993 — Marguerite Holloway

Sustaining the Amazon

Can scientists reconcile the inevitability of economic development with the preservation of rain forests?

July 1, 1993 — Marguerite Holloway
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