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Stories by Maria Thompson

A “Nobel” Cause

A “Nobel” Cause

How many Nobel Laureates have you met? Dr. Edward Shapiro, a retired inventor living in Massachusetts, is turning the answer into “at least one” for a growing number of middle and high school students.  Like other programs that bring scientists into classrooms, this one wants to inspire high school students to think about a career [...]..

August 26, 2013 — Maria Thompson

Rare Disease Science Challenge- Your Call to Action!

If you or a loved one is unlucky enough to be affected by a rare disease then it can be a continued uphill struggle. Your doctor will likely never have seen a case before which means you suffer with symptoms while awaiting diagnosis, and this can sometimes take years...

September 27, 2012 — Maria Thompson

Scientists Against Sample Abuse: The Time to Act is Now

As the Head of Scientific Affairs for a young biotechnology company, I’m not the type to sign petitions or take up bleeding heart causes. But, that changed when I learned about the campaign: Scientists Against Sample Abuse.I trained as molecular geneticist and spent many years at the laboratory bench before moving into management, so I have witnessed firsthand the multiple forms of sample abuse that can occur...

September 27, 2011 — Maria Thompson
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