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Stories by Mary Knudson

Why Do Trees Topple in a Storm?

For some, an unwanted reminder of Hurricane Sandy that crashed into the East Coast as megastorm of the century is a big tree uprooted, lying across the yard -- If lucky, missing the house...

November 12, 2012 — Mary Knudson

Taking Charge of Your Life and Your Death

I first met Dudley Clendinen in 1992 when he joined The Sun in Baltimore and was the editor for a lengthy narrative I wrote about a young man named David who was driving to his fiancee’s house when he was instantly sent into a coma by a drunk driver...

July 11, 2011 — Mary Knudson

New wave of MRI-safe pacemakers set to ship to hospitals

This week Medtronic will begin shipping to hospitals in the United States the first pacemaker approved by the FDA as safe for most MRI scans. For consumers, it is a significant step in what is expected to be a wave of new MRI-compatible implanted cardiac devices...

February 16, 2011 — Mary Knudson
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