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Stories by Merrill Goozner

Prisons in Post-Soviet Russia Incubate a Plague

The collapse of the Soviet health care system in the 1990s coupled with prisons releasing improperly treated inmates and endemic poverty escalated incidences of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis to epidemic proportions

August 25, 2008 — Merrill Goozner

In Pursuit of Better Weapons to Combat TB

Tuberculosis remains a stubborn foe despite the efforts of the public and private sector's efforts to deploy new antibiotics and diagnostic tools against a disease that thrives on poverty and ignorance

August 25, 2008 — Merrill Goozner

A Siberian Community Mobilizes to Fight TB

A Russian province bucks the national government, bringing tuberculosis treatment to the treated--and following through until they are cured. The results so far have been encouraging

August 25, 2008 — Merrill Goozner