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Stories by Michael Shermer


The Self-Help and Actualization Movement has become an $8.5-billion-a-year business. Does it work?

April 23, 2006 — Michael Shermer

It's Dogged as Does It

Retracing Darwin's footsteps in the Gal¿pagos shatters a myth but reveals how revolutions in science actually evolve

January 22, 2006 — Michael Shermer

Rupert's Resonance

The theory of "morphic resonance" posits that people have a sense of when they are being stared at. What does the research show?

October 24, 2005 — Michael Shermer

Unweaving the Heart

Science only adds to our appreciation for poetic beauty and experiences of emotional depth

September 26, 2005 — Michael Shermer

The Woodstock of Evolution

The World Summit on Evolution, held in the Galapagos Islands, revealed a science rich in history and tradition, data and theory, as well as controversy and debate

June 27, 2005 — Michael Shermer

Hope Springs Eternal

Can nutritional supplements, biotechnology and nanotechnology help us live forever?

June 27, 2005 — Michael Shermer

Turn Me On, Dead Man

What do the Beatles, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Patricia Arquette and Michael Keaton all have in common?

April 25, 2005 — Michael Shermer

The Fossil Fallacy

Creationists' demand for fossils that represent "missing links" reveals a deep misunderstanding of science

February 21, 2005 — Michael Shermer


Imaginary traumas are as terrifying as the real thing

January 24, 2005 — Michael Shermer

Quantum Quackery

A surprise-hit film has renewed interest in applying quantum mechanics to consciousness, spirituality and human potential

December 20, 2004 — Michael Shermer

Common Sense

Surprising new research shows that crowds are often smarter than individuals

November 22, 2004 — Michael Shermer
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